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Financial Counseling & Literacy Services

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Provide a comprehensive financial counseling program that includes financial counseling and financial literacy webinars. Financial counseling will support participants specifically in achieving financial goals, guiding participants to articulate the steps needed to strengthen their willpower and ultimately develop new skills to take greater control of their personal finances.

Financial counseling program will provide services to include basic budgeting, credit & debt management, as well as savings planning and financial literacy and will aim to support participants with one or more of the following:

• Achieve client-defined goals
• Address immediate issues
• Support specific actions to meet goals
• Improve financial situations
• Change financial behaviors
• Facilitate decision-making
• Provide tools, resources and referrals

The Financial counseling program will provide regular one-on-one sessions with clients in order to provide performance improvements to meet goals mutually set by the counselor and client.

Financial counseling program will strive to not narrowly focus on addressing a specific problem or crisis; but rather, aim to support participants through the difficult process of making broad changes in their lives.

Financial counseling program will provide a client-driven process in which individuals and families work to reach personalized goals related to improving their financial well-being that requires a paradigm shift from the traditional delivery method of case management or other social services in which the relationship between the participant and the service provider is typically transactional and prescriptive.

Virtual financial webinar include the following:

Planning for Future Goals: Savings Basics
Prioritizing Your Bills & Managing Your Debt
Getting Smart About Credit
Managing Your Student Loans
Debt Collection
Managing Your Auto Loan
Homebuying Basics
Rebuilding Your Credit
Retirement Planning: Understanding IRAs & 401Ks
Bankruptcy Basics