ACS’s commitment to the education and professional development of our members in the nonprofit sector extends beyond just educational workshops and classes and into the workplace through our mentoring program.

Whether you are a new to the field or growing in your nonprofit career and looking for support, or you have years of nonprofit experience or expertise in a particular area, such as social media or finance, and would like to share your knowledge and skills, participating in the ACS Mentoring Program will put you on the right track.

Mentees are ACS members who want guidance and advice to further their careers and to be successful. Mentees can expect to strengthen and build their networks and gain the skills and confidence necessary to excel.

Mentors are experienced knowledgeable professionals who guide and advise mentees in their career paths to help them succeed. A mentor's role is to inspire, encourage, and support their mentee.

By matching mentees with local nonprofit leaders and professionals, ACS facilitates one-on-one mentoring relationships that benefit all participants.

How the Program Works:

The ACS mentoring program allows members an opportunity for one-on-one customized mentoring by an experienced and knowledgeable colleague. After ACS receives an application (click below to apply) from a potential mentee, the applicant will be contacted by ACS staff to confirm receipt of the application and further discuss the areas in which they are seeking advice and mentoring support, as well as to determine availability and preferences for communicating with a mentor.

ACS maintains a bank of potential mentors, each with a unique set of experience, knowledge and expertise that may or may not be a good fit with a mentee’s needs. Based on an applicant’s preferences, major interests and goals and potential mentors’ expertise and preferences, ACS staff will match the potential mentee as closely as possible with a specific mentor.

The applicant will be notified and introduced to his/her potential mentor by way of an email from ACS staff. The pair will be encouraged to schedule an introductory meeting to make sure they are a good fit.  If both the applicant and the potential mentor agree to proceed, they will be provided with tools and information to assist them in establishing goals and a framework for their mentoring relationship. The actual frequency, length and nature of the meetings will be up to the individual mentoring pair; however, ACS encourages contact (in person, by phone or electronically) at least twice a month during the agreed upon mentoring time frame.

ACS staff remain available to mentoring pairs to answer questions and to provide assistance as needed to ensure the participants get the most benefit from the program.

Applications are accepted year-round from members wishing to be mentored, as well as from those who wish to become a mentor. Training will be provided as needed for potential mentors.

For more information, please contact Debbie Daskaloff, ACS Education & Professional Development Consultant at 

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