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ACS’s commitment to the education and professional development of our members in the nonprofit sector extends beyond just educational workshops and classes and into the workplace through our mentoring program.

Whether you are a new to the field or growing in your nonprofit career and looking for support, or you have years of nonprofit experience or expertise in a particular area, such as social media or finance, and would like to share your knowledge and skills, participating in the ACS Mentoring Program will put you on the right track.

Mentees are ACS members who want guidance and advice to further their careers and to be successful. Mentees can expect to strengthen and build their networks and gain the skills and confidence necessary to excel.

Mentors are experienced knowledgeable professionals who guide and advise mentees in their career paths to help them succeed. A mentor's role is to inspire, encourage, and support their mentee.

By matching mentees with local nonprofit leaders and professionals, ACS facilitates one-on-one mentoring relationships that benefit all participants.

How the Program Works:

The ACS mentoring program requires a six-month commitment from mentees and mentors January through June each year.  While the formal program ends in June, the pairings may continue to indefinitely if both the parties are interested.

Applications are collected year-round through Dec.15 for the next upcoming program.

Applicants will be contacted by ACS staff and invited to an introductory meeting in early January where they will receive a program overview and an opportunity to meet potential mentoring matches. Each potential mentee comes with a unique set of questions or areas in which she/he is seeking advice and mentoring support.  Each potential mentor will bring a unique set of experience, knowledge and expertise that may or may not be a good fit with a mentee’s needs. Applicants are encouraged at this meeting through a speed networking exercise between potential mentees and mentors to explore these areas to determine if they would be a good match. After the meeting, applicants are asked to provide confidential feedback to ACS if he/she has any pairing preferences based on the exchange of information at the meeting.

Based on the mentees’ preferences and major interests and goals and the mentors’ expertise and preferences, ACS staff and members of the ACS Education and Professional Development Committee will match each mentee as closely as possible with a specific mentor. Applicants will be notified of the pairings by the third week in January.

Mentoring pairs will begin meeting the last week in January to establish goals and frameworks for their mentoring relationships. The actual frequency and nature of the meetings will be up to the individual mentoring pairs; however, ACS encourages contact (in person or electronically) at least twice a month during the formal program.  ACS staff will check in with mentoring pairs periodically during the program to determine if the pairs need any assistance with getting the most benefit from the program

For more information, please contact Debbie Daskaloff, ACS Education & Professional Development Consultant: (443-518-7703) , Email:


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