Achieve community understanding, policymaking and regulatory decisions that will lead to an increase in and equitable access to Howard County affordable housing.
Create a community-wide recognition that Howard County’s economic vitality is dependent upon access to jobs, resident mobility, quality education and housing affordability.

Join the Coalition

Be a part of a coalition to shape the present and future of housing in Howard County. To join the Housing Affordability Coalition, email Jackie Eng at jleng1747@gmail.com or Joan Driessen at joan.driessen@acshoco.org.


As of June 2021

  • Paul Casey
  • Tom Coale
  • Joan Driessen
  • Jacqueline Eng
  • Peter Engel
  • Rev. Sue Lowcock Harris
  • Grace Kubofcik
  • Kelly McLaughlin
  • Grace Morris
  • Vonda Orders
  • Rich Pardoe
  • Paul Revelle
  • Jean Sedlacko
  • Pat Sylvester
  • Joe Willmott
  • Phyllis Zolotorow
  • Jacqueline Akinpelu
  • Roy Appletree
  • Association of Community Services
  • Harriet Bachman
  • David Bazell
  • Nadine Bernard
  • Bessie Bordenave
  • Liz Bobo
  • Joshua Bombino
  • Bridges to Housing Stability
  • Deborah Coates
  • Columbia Housing Center
  • Columbia Downtown Housing Corporation
  • Community Action Council
  • Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Maryland
  • Equity4HC
  • Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center
  • Heritage Housing Partners Corporation
  • HopeWorks of Howard County
  • Housing to End Homelessness
  • Howard County Autism Society
  • Howard County Housing Commission
  • Humanim, Inc.
  • Humphrey Management
  • iHomes, Humanim
  • Indian Cultural Association
  • Jewish Federation of Howard County, Community Relations Council
  • JustLiving Advocacy, Inc.
  • Ian Kennedy
  • League of Women Voters of Howard County
  • Vanita Leatherwood
  • Pastor Regina Lee
  • Jean West Lewis
  • Lindaben Foundation
  • Making Change LLC
  • Tim May
  • Peter Morgan
  • Oxford Planning Group LLC
  • PATH
  • Bill and Laura Salganik
  • Jim Sanders
  • Sue Shafley
  • Steve Sprecher
  • The Arc of Howard County
  • TheCaseMade, Incorporated
  • Town Center Community Association
  • Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia
  • Valentine Consulting
  • Pastor Larry Walker
  • Maury Zeitler

Calls to Action & Resources