Community Advocates are independent professionals dedicated to advancing the quality of life in Howard County by contributing their time, considerable experience, and vast expertise toward developing, supporting, and promoting ACS' nonprofit programs and special initiatives.

Deborah Bennett
Liz Bobo
Steven Bolen
Bonnie Bricker
Brad Closs
Melissa Curtin
Laurie Diener
Jackie Eng
Lori Fuchs
Cliff Hughes

Lisa Jablonover
Grace Kubofcik
Peter Laanisto
Bob Martin
Kelly Mclaughlin
Lois Mikkila
Jean Moon
Judy Pittman
Saif Rehman

Bill Salganik
Laura Salganik
Jim Sanders
Harry Schwarz
Pamela Simonson
Pat Sylvester
Joe Willmott

Consider becoming a Community Advocate if you're looking for an opportunity to connect with extraordinary people who are making a consequential difference in Howard County's nonprofit community.