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Due to COVID-19, ACS staff will be working remotely until further notice. We can be reached individually by email or

Let’s Talk About…

ACS is pleased to announce a new series of recorded informational webinars for our members entitled, Let’s Talk About…  Each webinar will focus on a different topic and will include panelists from our local community discussing a specific subject from our  community’s perspective.

Below is the link to our first recorded webinar, Let’s Talk About Food, featuring panelists, Bita Dayhoff, president of Community Action Council of Howard County; Bruce Fulton, executive director of Neighborride; Kimberly Eisenreich, administrator for Howard County’s Local Children’s Board; Jenna Crawley, administrator for Howard County’s Department of Aging and Independence; and, Angela Cabellon, Chief Innovation Officer and Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for Howard County Government.

Click here for the recording.