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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update
In keeping with recommended protocols during this unprecedented time, ACS Staff will be working remotely until further notice.  During this time, we can be reached individually by email or


2019 Testimony

September 18: Opposition to CB42-2019, School Facilities Surcharge
September 18: Support for CR112-2019, Development of Implementation Plan to Integrate HCPSS
September 16: Support for CR120 a resolution adopting the Howard County Complete Streets Policy and requiring the development of a Complete Streets Design Manual.
July 8: Support for CR 97-2019 Robinson Overlook PILOT (2nd Public Hearing)
June 18: Support for CR 97-2019 Robinson Overlook PILOT
June 18: Support for CR96-2019 Enterprise Homes PILOT
May 1: County Council, Operating Budget Testimony
March 5: Funding priority requests presented to Howard County Administration at the FY 2020 Citizen's Budget Hearing

2018 Testimony

July 16: In support of CB55 that repeals the Mobile Home Rental Site Tax
May 8: FY 2019 Executive's Proposed Operating Budget
April 25: Support for Projects E1045 (disbursement of relocatable classrooms),C0352 (purchase of property for new high school), and C0359 (purchase of land for elementary school in Turf Valley).
April 16: Council Resolution 47-2018 supports adoption of the Annual Action Plan for housing and community services.
April 16: CB 48-2016: supportive of the Central Maryland Transit Development Plan “as a guide to future transit development
April 16: Supports the intent of Council Bill 20-2018 to enhance the capacity of the Office of Consumer Protection and other government entities abilities to protect Howard County tenant rights.
April 10: County Council Capitol Budget Hearing
March 8: County Executive's Budget Hearing
January 16: Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (CB1-2018 and CB2-2018)

2017 Testimony

2016 Testimony

May 18: Council Operating Budget Testimony 
December14: County Administration Budget Hearing - Increase in Support for Plan to End Homelessness
July 18: CB 50-2016, Multi-Year Grant Agreement for Nonprofit Center
May 4: FY17 Operating Budget Testimony

2015 Testimony