March 5: Funding priority requests presented to Howard County Administration at the FY 2020 Citizen's Budget Hearing

May 1: County Council, Operating Budget Testimony

June 18: Support for CR96-2019 Enterprise Homes PILOT

June 18: Support for CR 97-2019 Robinson Overlook PILOT

July 8: Support for CR 97-2019 Robinson Overlook PILOT (2nd Public Hearing)

September 16: Support for CR120 a resolution adopting the Howard County Complete Streets Policy and requiring the development of a Complete Streets Design Manual.

September 18: Opposition to CB42-2019, School Facilities Surcharge

September 18: Support for CR112-2019, Development of Implementation Plan to Integrate HCPSS

December 9: County Council, FY 2021 Operating Budget Testimony

January 16: Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (CB1-2018 and CB2-2018)

March 8: County Executive's Budget Hearing

April 10: County Council Capitol Budget Hearing

April 16: Supports the intent of Council Bill 20-2018 to enhance the capacity of the Office of Consumer Protection and other government entities abilities to protect Howard County tenant rights.

April 16: CB 48-2016: supportive of the Central Maryland Transit Development Plan “as a guide to future transit development

April 16: Council Resolution 47-2018 supports adoption of the Annual Action Plan for housing and community services.

April 25: Support for Projects E1045 (disbursement of relocatable classrooms),C0352 (purchase of property for new high school), and C0359 (purchase of land for elementary school in Turf Valley).

May 8: FY 2019 Executive's Proposed Operating Budget

July 16: In support of CB55 that repeals the Mobile Home Rental Site Tax