ACS has been advocating on behalf of Howard County’s nonprofit human and social service, cultural, environmental and faith-based organizations and the individuals and families that they serve since 1963. Our advocacy includes community wide education, bringing together decision makers to resolve issues, giving testimony before elected officials, and building partnerships to achieve advocacy goals. During election years, we host candidate forums, often in collaboration with the League of Women Voters, to build relationships with candidates and our members and educate them about our advocacy work.


The Public Policy Committee (PPC) is a key component of our advocacy work. PPC is made up of representatives our member community who serve as advisors to recommend advocacy priorities and actions to the ACS Board of Directors. All members are welcome to join the PPC. Email us at policy@acshoco.org to get involved with our advocacy work.


ACS Advocacy Priority

Our advocacy priority is to reshape systems and structures that impact the nonprofit sector and the people it serves, particularly people with low and moderate income, seniors, people with disabilities, and children. Our focus is to identify and advocate for matters that:

Strengthen the ability of nonprofit organizations to effectively address our community’s needs.
Eliminate racial disparities by addressing systemic racism embedded in institutional policies and systems.
Support the efforts of the nonprofit sector to improve the quality of life of Howard County residents. This includes:
Promoting long-term housing stability and functionally ending homelessness.
Bolstering the financial stability and food security of individuals and families.
Expanding quality, affordable, accessible childcare.
Enhancing transit and mobility options and reliability.
Promoting the health, well-being, and environment of residents.

Last updated: November 16, 2023

ACS Testimony

March 5: Funding priority requests presented to Howard County Administration at the FY 2020 Citizen's Budget Hearing

May 1: County Council, Operating Budget Testimony

June 18: Support for CR96-2019 Enterprise Homes PILOT

June 18: Support for CR 97-2019 Robinson Overlook PILOT

July 8: Support for CR 97-2019 Robinson Overlook PILOT (2nd Public Hearing)

September 16: Support for CR120 a resolution adopting the Howard County Complete Streets Policy and requiring the development of a Complete Streets Design Manual.

September 18: Opposition to CB42-2019, School Facilities Surcharge

September 18: Support for CR112-2019, Development of Implementation Plan to Integrate HCPSS

December 9: County Council, FY 2021 Operating Budget Testimony