The American Heart Association, Horizon Foundation, and Bicycling Advocates of Howard County have launched a coalition to advocate for safer, connected streets for everyone. We want Streets for All in Howard County.

This campaign builds upon the success of 46 organizations and businesses and 2,000 people who advocated for increased bike funding in the county. In the FY 2020 budget proposed by County Executive Calvin Ball and passed by the County Council, $2.2 million was dedicated to bike routes – an amount nearly four times higher than just a few years ago.

Still, too many of our streets are not accessible or safe for walkers, bikers, bus riders, or people with disabilities. As a result, it is too difficult for children to walk safely to school, for people to be more physically active, and for people with disabilities and older adults to travel easily and independently.

Howard County needs better streets so people can walk, bike, use their wheelchair, or ride the bus more safely.  Our vision is for everyone in Howard County to feel like they can safely, easily, and comfortably bike, walk, or take public transportation anywhere they need to go. Howard County can be a leader in biking and walking and join its neighboring communities in redesigning its streets with all people, of all ages and abilities, in mind.