2019 Testimony

July 8 support for CR 97-2019 Robinson Overlook PILOT (2nd Public Hearing)
June 18 support for CR 97-2019 Robinson Overlook PILOT

June 18 support for CR96-2019 Enterprise Homes PILOT

May 1 County Council, Operating Budget Testimony

March 5 funding priority requests presented to Howard County Administration at the FY 2020 Citizen's Budget Hearing

2018 Testimony

2017 Testimony

2016 Testimony

May 4: FY17 Operating Budget Testimony

2015 Testimony

April 29: FY16 Operating Budget Testimony

2014 Testimony

December 15 Riverwatch Payment-in-Lieu of Taxes (CR123-2014)

September 15 Payment in Lieu of Taxes for Ellicott LLP(CR114-2014)

September 15 Help to Others (H2O) Round-up Program (CB50-2014)

July 21 Food and Beverage Sales on County Property

May 14 FY 2015 County Operating and Capital Budgets

April 10 Wellness Policy Testimony to Board of Education

March 12 Student Health and Fitness Act  HB 1428

March 10 Charitable Enforcement and Protection of Charitable

February 18 Testimony before County Council on Transportation

2013 Testimony

March 27 Testimony before Planning Board on Comprehensive Zoning Plan

2012 Testimony

December 17 Testimony before County Council on Beechcrest Site for Single Efficiency Apartments CR181-2012

October 15, 2012 Testimony before County Council on CR154 recognizing the Columbia Downtown Housing Corporation as the Downtown Columbia Housing Foundation

April 18 Testimony before the Planning Board on draft Plan Howard 2030

"...We understand the need to expand regional and multi-jurisdictional solutions to achieve connectivity for long distance commuters. We would encourage, however, an additional implementing action that acknowledges the need for enhanced accessibility and quality of transit services within Columbia and along the Route 40 and Route 1 corridors. This is where a majority of low income wage earners currently and likely will increasingly live and therefore will require affordable, reliable and efficient public transportation so that they can access services, get to their jobs and get their children to daycare and school..." Read the complete testimony

February 21 Testimony before the Howard County Delegation

"..the Governor has interjected shifting part of the cost of teacher pensions that would have Howard County absorbing a potential of $17.2 million into 28 percent of its budget--the portion of the budget that already is stretched to capacity to meet the human service and public safety needs of our community..." Read the complete testimony.

2011 Testimony

Howard 2030 General Plan

March 21, 2011 County Council Housing
CB 7-2011 Amending Residential Density in the CAC District.doc

CB 10-2011 Market-based Alternatives to the Moderate Income Housing Unit Obligation Imposed on Developer.doc

CR-24-2011 Convey to the Howard County Housing Commission in Fee Simple Land Owned by the County Known as Hilltop, Roger Carter Center, and Tiber Hudson Senior Housing.doc

March 16, 2011 County Council Budget
Budget Testimony 03-16-11.doc

2010 Testimony

Budget Testimony FY12 - Co.Ex. 12-07-10 final.doc

County Executive Budget FY11, March 17, 2010

Downtown Columbia January 2010

CB 58 & CB 59 Amendment Testimony: AN ACT transferring $380,000 from the Grants Fund, Contingency Reserve to the Department of Housing and Community Development for the Economic Development Initiative Special Project Grant.

Final Budget Testimony 12-17-09

CB58 CB59 Testimony - General Growth Properties

FY2010 Proposed Operating Budget, April 27, 2009

Association of Community Services

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